Solar Energy Power Purchase Agreements

With no upfront costs, our Solar Energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are an attractive no brainer option to all industrial and commercial property owners. Our Solar Energy Power Purchase Agreements allow a business to make use of the benefits of solar power, such as reduced electricity costs, lower carbon emissions and fixed tariff increases way below Eskom average increases without a large capital outlay. Our PPA’s are available to all using 100KwP or more a month

How Does Solarways Solar Energy Power Purchase Agreements System Work?

We have partnered with major Renewable Energy companies and their Elite Network of individuals and International funds to provide our clients with the best possible financial support for their Solar PPA Systems.

Without any Direct Capital Investment Businesses can install a Commercial Solar System on their roof to reduce their Electricity Bill by up to 30%!
Your Business will benefit from our Commercial PPA Solar Solutions. With our detailed Energy Study and Analysis of your Business we are able to provide you with the best Solution for maximizing Costs and Reliability.

It is crucial to understand how your Business is using Electricity and how you are paying for it. If you are paying for kVA Demand Charges, it will significantly affect the System Design!

Once all Contracts are signed and your Commercial Solar System has been commissioned, you will immediately spend less money on Electricity every month. As Electricity Prices escalate, your savings will escalate as well. With SolarWays we remove the risk giving you all the benefits.

The annual cost of your PPA Solution will escalate by 6.5%, while Grid Electricity charges will escalate by 14% or more!

  • No capital outlay
  • Claim the 100% Depreciation Allowance in Year 1 (Section 12B – 28% tax
  • 15% VAT off the Full Capital value off the full price of the installed system in year one.
  • Saving up to 40% of your company’s electricity bill immediately
  • Avoid Eskom’s (average) 14% pa increases. (Our fixed rental escalation at 6.5%)
  • Remotely monitored systems 24/7
  • Maintained nationally (99% uptime SLA included)
  • Generate your own power from day one
  • Potential to earn credit supplying power back to ESKOM. (T&C apply)
  • Reducing your carbon emissions
  • SolarWays covers all annual operating expenditure including operations and maintenance during the contract period

Our Solar Energy Power Purchase Agreements Are Extremely Very Low Risk With All The Rewards

How Long Is Solarways Solar Energy Power Purchase Agreement?

As no two building owners are the same each agreement needs to be customed with the client’s specific needs in mind. Generally, the longer the lease agreement term, the cheaper the initial tariff will be.

Longer term the more immediate savings
Generally, clients are happy to sign a 25-year PPA agreement to ensure a lower tariff upfront and to enjoy the benefits of solar power immediately.

And even after 25 years the system will still provide energy for many years to come.

Our tier 1 solar panels are guaranteed by manufacturers to perform at a minimum of 80% of their rated capacity after 25 years of operation.

What about exiting the lease?
Some property owners are cautious of signing a 25-year lease as they do not have certainty that their building will still be in their ownership after such a long period of time. As such, Solarways allows transferring of the agreements to the new owners.

In the cases of the client selling their premises, Solarways agreement contain provision to either move the system (T&Cs apply) to their new premises or to get the new building owner to assume the lease.

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