About Us

Solarways is a Solar Energy Provider which was established in 2020 partnering with One Stop Solar PTY (Ltd) and together saw the opportunity to establish a specialized division for solar-based renewable energy as a solution to the global energy crisis. Combining expertise, experience, and service excellence, our team of engineers and technicians have undertaken and commissioned many projects of varying sizes, ranging from system design, procurement, and installation to maintenance.

We are a team of passionate renewable energy lovers, with a sole purpose and drive to produce clean energy that is reliable, retrofittable, cost effective, dependable and can be stored/backed up. We will design, deliver and install your ideal Solar Photovoltaic solutions for both the residential and commercial sector. Solar energy providers with the ability to perform, offering reliability, quality and efficiency.

As a Solar Energy Provider we believe that bottom line profitability cannot be achieved without saving our precious environment. Environmental Sustainability is the key to our existence. By using the Sun to increase return on investment, reduce energy costs and drive environmental accountability.

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Be A Part Of The Solar Revolution

Solar energy is free, renewable and clean, but you need to have the right equipment to harness it. You can find this equipment at Solarways.

Solar power is the energy that is created when sunlight is converted to electricity.

In South Africa, we are privileged to have an average of 2500 hours of sunlight each year, and all of this energy is mostly going to waste. But being the advanced solar energy provider we are, we make the most of that sun-time as possible.

By harnessing this power, you will be saving big on your electricity bill – Solar geysers, solar panels, and even solar lights are all designed to save you money.

Solar power is a part of the future and the best way that you can harness solar power is through using solar panels. Solar systems come in all forms, but one of the most popular types is solar geysers.

Solar batteries are often included with the solar systems, allowing precious solar energy to be stored. Ideal for colder days when the sunlight might be limited, having solar batteries means that you will never be without electricity.

As a Solar Energy Provider we ensure you peace-of-mind!

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Your Roof is an Asset

Solarways offers Renewable Energy Finance for businesses to turn their roof into a profitable asset without the cash outlay of the Solar System. Businesses can save up to 30% on the electricity the Solar System is replacing. We are more than a solar energy provider, we are a business partner putting your business first.

Why Choose Us?

As a solar energy provider we only offer high quality products and services that clients expect from a solar company.

We ensure our employees are highly qualified and service driven to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our goal is what’s best for you!

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