REVOV Star Lithium | Solarways (2021)

REVOV Star Lithium The All-in-one LiFePO4 Battery Backup Power For Homes, And Businesses.

Complete Revov Star Lithium consists of:

  • 5 kVa inverter.
  • 1 x 2nd LiFe R9 200Ah, 10.2 kWh Battery Module.
  • 1 x 51.2V 19-inch 1U Battery Management System max current of 150A.
  • DC and AC switches, Cables, Fuses, Battery Monitor Wall mount rack and cover.

The REVOV Star is a complete system and It offers affordable backup power for homes and small businesses.

The unit is designed for simple plug-and-play application.

Simply plug in and charge from the grid (or solar). The unit stores energy, detects grid status, and automatically supplies your home with backup power when the national grid is compromised.

Keeping the lights on has never been simpler or more affordable!

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